Extra Strength Uric Acid Support – Go-Out Joint Pain & Stiffness Flare-Ups Supplement with Celery Seed Extract, Tart Cherry Extract, Boswellia, Bromelain, Black Pepper by Mt. Angel Vitamins, 60-Ct.

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Product Description

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Challenges, Combated

Live limitless with Mt. Angel Vitamins!

Mt. Angel Vitamins, Fighting Flare-Ups so You Can Flourish

When joints stiffen, everyday enjoyment suffers. At Mt. Angel Vitamins, we dedicate ourselves to creating quality, customer-trusted solutions so you can keep doing what you love. Regain activity with your Go-Out Extra Strength uric acid supplements!

get moving againget moving again

From Achey to Active with Aid

Enjoy every day by enhancing health with your uric acid cleanse, known to:

● Shorten the duration and ease symptoms of joint pain flare-ups

● Reduce joint inflammation to restore flexibility and mobility

● Support healthy circulation and blood pressure

Uric Acid Cleanse in LaboratoryUric Acid Cleanse in Laboratory

Superior Supplements, Step By Step

Skip supplements made without supervision. At Mt. Angel Vitamins, we ensure your uric acid support capsules’ caliber with GMP certification* and production in our top-grade laboratory. Trust in gluten-free supplements that burst with natural benefits and contain no unwanted additives such as preservatives or GMOs!

*Grade A cGMP Certification audited by UL annually. Certificate Number: i16-186143-1 Expires 2/12/2022

celery seed extract

celery seed extract



tart cherry extract

tart cherry extract

black pepper, boswellia

black pepper, boswellia

Celery Seed Extract

Time-proven celery seed extract is known to decrease overall discomfort and protect against damage by improving circulation!


Derived from the core of pineapples, this enzyme increases nutrient absorption and supports an anti-inflammatory response!

Tart Cherry Extract

Ease joint swelling and pain in your hands, feet, knees, and more with this highly concentrated extract!

Black Pepper and Boswellia

These 2 essentials enhance joint flexibility and mobility with anti-inflammatory properties!

Health-Boosting Benefit

Immediate joint-pain relief for flare-ups

Sustained joint-pain relief

Immune system support

Joint support

Mental focus and recall

Relaxed and restful sleep

Recommended intake

2x daily

2x daily

2x daily

2x daily

2x daily

1-2x nightly


Crafted in Mt. Angel Vitamins’ Lab

LOOSE & LIVING – Stiffness won’t stop you. Help restore joint flexibility with your capsules’ powerful formula of cherry extracts, celery seed extract, boswellia, and more!
ALL-AROUND AID – It’s time to get back on your feet! By reducing uric acid, your gout relief supplements are known to relieve joint pain, fortify healthy circulation, and regulate blood pressure!
THE EASIEST ESSENTIAL – With your joint-support supplement, a simple routine brings pain-saving results. For immediate relief, take 1 of your 60 capsules twice daily, with a meal.
OUR PREMIUM PROMISE – Combat discomfort with Mt. Angel Vitamins! We ensure your positive experience with restorative results from personally crafted and tested, non-GMO supplements!

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