Lardoolins Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs with Stress, Anxiety, Separation, Behavior, Hyperactivity or Aggression Related Issues. Hemp for Hip & Joint Health. All Natural & Organic. 110ct Soft Chews

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These dietary supplement treats are formulated to help reduce your dogs feelings of stress & anxiety especially when faced with stressful situations. If your dog suffers from separation or travel anxiety, is prone to excess barking or hyperactivity, these supplements offer an effective remedy. A unique blend of 4 natural herbs which will help your dog to relax and reduce those feelings of tension, stress or anxiety. Helps to restore calm and balanced behavior

A safe & effective combination of Chamomile, Valerian root and Passion flower delivers a mild sedative to alleviate anxiety. Effective relief in situations such as separation, thunderstorms & travelling. May help to reduce hyperactivity, aggression, excessive barking. Also known to assist with general relaxation, restful sleep, insomnia and indigestion caused by anxiety

A powerful relaxant, can help with motion sickness, works wonders in keeping pests at bay, and helps calm digestive problems. Catnip for dogs is an interesting discovery, to say the least. From its application as a sedative to its impact as a diuretic, this is a safe and potentially life-altering herbal treatment option for your four-legged friend. Catnip can be used to treat anything from intestinal problems to anxiety, which makes it a wonderful natural option for your family member.

Made in the USA and suitable for all breeds & ages. I hope your dog loves these Celtic themed health treats that have been inspired by Ireland whilst writing my children’s fairytale book: ‘LARDOOLIN’ available on amazon

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&#9752 Slàinte Mhaith &#9752

CALMING HERBAL BLEND containing Chamomile, Valerian root and Passion flower delivers an effective relaxant to help manage your four legged friends anxiety levels resulting in more balanced and desired behaviors.
NEPETA CATARIA herb is a powerful relaxant treating anxiety, motion sickness & helps calm digestive problems.
ORGANIC HEMP containing Omega 3 & 6 assists with Hip and Joint health helping to improve Mobility. In addition these hemp chews will improve your pets Immunity, Heart health as well as Skin & Coat condition.
MADE IN THE USA at an FDA registered facility and completely free from grain, soy, GMO etc. Suitable for Dogs of all breeds, ages & sizes, this tasty bacon flavored treat will leave your four legged companion ‘Droolin for another Doolin’ .` Every purchase is assured a 100% money back guarantee should you not be fully satisfied.

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