Perfect Prep PET All Natural Canine Calming Multi-Dose Paste, Max Strength, for Dog Anxiety, 30cc

Price: $11.99
(as of Sep 23,2021 20:31:32 UTC – Details)

Relieve you dog’s stress and anxiety with great tasting Canine Calming paste! Formulated to reduce anxiety in all dogs. Perfect Prep PET Canine Calming Paste offers prompt, natural calming support. It is ideal for dogs exhibiting signs of anxiety, nervousness and tension due to specific events (separation anxiety, car rides, fireworks, vet visits, thunderstorms, etc.) and environmental changes. The ingredients in Canine Calming work to maintain a steady heart rate, stabilize blood sugar and normalize the central nervous system. As a result, dogs develop a sense of wellbeing, a balanced mood and become more relaxed and less excitable. Developed by Perfect Products, the makers of the industry-leading horse calming formula line Perfect Prep EQ.

Use where stressful situations (separation anxiety, car rides, nail trims, fireworks, vet visits, thunderstorms, etc.) produce anxious behavior
Effects begin within 60 minutes after administration and last up to 6 hours
Appropriate for all dog sizes & breeds
Tastes great with easy administration through a multi-dose 30cc paste syringe. Simply syringe directly into dog’s mouth or onto normal food ration.

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