PupGrade Calming Organic Hemp Powder for Dogs – Natural Health & Mood Enhancer for Stress, Separation Anxiety, Storms, Hyperactivity & Barking – Mixes with Food (100 Servings)

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Product Description

Pupgrade Main Health and MoodPupgrade Main Health and Mood

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Dog face

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Bright Heart

Atomic Heart Doggo

Atomic Heart Doggo

Bring the Calm

Our hemp powder is created to enhance your dog’s mood while promoting calm, peaceful energy. It’s packed full of ingredients like Organic Hemp Seed, Chamomile, Valerian Root, and more that keep your pup relaxed. Recommended for dogs with situational and chronic anxiety.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Give your pet relief from common joint and muscle aches and pains. Hemp’s natural anti-inflammatory properties make it the ideal solution for senior dogs.

Cardiovascular Function

A healthy heart makes for a happy dog. Hemp powder has high quantities of Omega 3 & 6 which has shown to improve cardiovascular function, helping to ward away heart disease and other illnesses to help prolong your dog’s life.

Immune Response

Your dog’s immune system is a powerhouse, stopping illness in its tracks. Hemp seed promotes a healthy immune system, keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Pupgrade Directions for UsePupgrade Directions for Use

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Who is PupGrade?

PupGrade was founded by dog lovers and owners to bring you safe, effective, and tasty dog supplements. We believe that all dogs deserve the best life and health possible. That’s why all our products are made with care in the US.

We strive to keep your best friend happy and healthy!

Ingredient Information:

PupGrade Health & Mood Enhancer. Our Health & Mood Enhancer is made with the finest ingredients. This includes organic hemp seed powder, passion flower, and valerian root to promote calm and wellness on the inside and out.

Active Ingredients (per scoop):

Organic Hemp Seed Powder – 300 mg

Passion Flower – 75 mg

Valerian Root – 35 mg

Chamomile – 15 mg

L-Tryptophan – 40 mg

Ginger Root – 25 mg

L-Theanine – 40 mg

Other Ingredients: Beef Liver Powder, Dextrose, Cheese Powder, Silicon Dioxide, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E

✅ An Immune Booster – Hemp is the perfect boost to your dog’s immune system, allowing them to live longer and play harder.
✅ Ideal Health Upgrade – In addition to promoting calm energy, the ingredients in our Hemp Powder improves cardiovascular health, holds anti-inflammatory properties, and gives your pup great skin and shiny fur.
✅ Tail-Wagging Flavor – Beef flavoring allows this powder to be easily mixed into food without your dog noticing anything but a tasty new addition to the bowl.
✅ Proudly Made in The USA – All PupGrade products are proudly made in the United States of America. We would never sell a product that we wouldn’t feel safe giving our own pets

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